The Maverick Chef

30 minute

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EP 6

Hong Kong
The Maverick Chef finally heads home to hip Hong Kong after touring the region's culinary hotspots.

EP 5

Bangkok, Thailand
The Maverick Chef blazes through beautiful Bangkok with beauty queen Cindy Bishop.

EP 4

Taipei, Taiwan
The Maverick Chef tours thrilling Taipei with TV personality Crystal Li for a tasty tour amidst the metropolis best sights!

EP 3

The Maverick Chef storms Singapore with actress Joanne Peh to sample the cosmopolitan city's choice culinary offerings.

EP 2

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Together with TV personality Paula Malai Ali, The Maverick Chef brings more heat to sunny Kuala Lumpur!

EP 1

Jakarta, Indonesia
The Maverick Chef journeys to Jakarta to experience a riot of flavours and colours! Be wowed as this Michelin-starred chef deconstructs Indonesia's culinary heritage in style.