Tastemakers: Tex Saverio, fashion designer

21 July 2016

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Tex Saverio’s creations have been worn by the likes of Lady Gaga in Harper’s Bazaar magazine, Kim Kardashian in Elle magazine and Jennifer Lawrence, in the film “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”.  Dubbed the “McQueen of Indonesia”, although he very much prefers to be known as the Tex Saverio of Indonesia, in Tastemakers 2016, Saverio speaks about his fairytale journey as a rising designer and how he seeks to empower women through his creations. We ask Tex Saverio 10 questions on his creative process, self-doubt and world domination.

Who was your most influential mentor?
My most influential mentor would be my teacher back when I was studying fashion., I learned more than just fashion from her.

Do you work best early in the morning, or late at night?
I am not really sure. I feel that when I work, I work to the best that I can. I never really think which time works better for me.

Which comes first to mind — the design, or the character of the person wearing the design?
The person. Unless the person is modelling for my collection, then I will think of her as a blank canvas.

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When was the last time you doubted yourself, and how did you manage to overcome those moments of doubts?
I’ve doubted myself too many times. But then I realised I have many people who trust me, so that fixes the that automatically fixes the issue.


If I had a magic wand that can transform my what goes on in my mind into reality, only then can I be creatively satisfied.

You have five minutes to get ready – what is your go-to, world domination outfit?
Anything black.

Who is your biggest critic?
This may sound cliché, but I am truly my biggest critic.

What lies ahead for Tex Saverio Jakarta in order for it to become a global luxury lifestyle brand?
On the creative side, we will have to make some adjustments according to the market demand, especially after the couture show. We are also planning to launch a couple of new and exciting projects in 2017.

With Indonesia’s growing fashion scene, who do you think are some of the upcoming local designers to watch?
There are too many names to mention. I also think I am just a really lucky guy.

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen wearing a Tex Saverio creation in ‘Hunger Games: Catching Fire’.

How do you stay inspired?
I have no idea. Inspiration just comes when it comes.

Are you creatively satisfied?
No. If I had a magic wand that can transform my what goes on in my mind into reality, only then can I be creatively satisfied – maybe, I don’t know. I imagine too much.

Catch Tex Saverio in Tastemakers 2016. Premieres Sunday, 14 August, 10:30pm MY/SIN/HK.

Interview by Dee May

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