IROJE KHM Architects
IROJE KHM Architects specialises in architecture with contemporary Korean design. The origin of IROJE comes from an old Chinese Literature. The meaning of IROJE, translating directly, is 'a house of stepping on dewdrops', while the true meaning of IROJE could be understood as a house for a scholar with voluntary poverty. IROJE KHM Architects have gone through diverse projects by questioning 'how to define the design identity of our generation'. IROJE KHM Architects strongly convinced that their philosophy in architecture will enable us to understand the true nature of environments and enhance our everyday life to a better state. Furthermore, we believe our community to become a society of wisdom, which also becomes the virtue of IROJE KHM Architects in this era.
A : 1805 Gardentower Bldg, 98-78 Unni-dong, Jongro-gu, Seoul, 110-795, Korea.
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