With his blue-tinted hair and rocker tattoos, Alvin Leung doesn't exactly personify your typical one-star Michelin chef, which is an extremely significant achievement for a self-taught chef.

Neither would you expect to see him at the helm of an internationally-celebrated restaurant fitting more stereotypically in a rock band or a secret society boss.

Yet, he is both.

A risk-taker by nature, Alvin specialises in the art of Molecular Gastronomy and re-inventing food in general.

Born in London and raised in Toronto, he has traveled extensively since childhood, making him well-versed in different cultures and cuisines. He realized early on that modern diners wanted more than just a tasty meal – they wanted to indulge their senses and push the limit.

He decided to take Chinese food in a different direction and started experimenting with innovative cooking techniques which gave new life to traditional Chinese ingredients as well as incorporating non-Chinese ingredients into centuries-old recipes to create a unique type of Chinese food, one which pushed the boundaries of expectations yet remains undeniably Chinese.

Contrary to his "rock and roll" image, Alvin's professional training as an engineer manifests in every dish he presents. With the utmost precision, he substitutes ingredients and methods of cooking until perfection is achieved. A single dish can take months to perfect and new menus featuring the latest innovative cooking techniques are eagerly awaited by his regulars and food critics.

A true culinary genius, Alvin is recognized by his peers as one of the most creative in Asia, and he is regularly invited overseas to give masterclasses and demonstrations alongside celebrated chefs, such as Ferran Adria, Rene Redzepi and Martin Berasategui.

Alvin's X-treme Chinese cuisine has broken down long held preconceptions of what Chinese food should look and taste like and he has single-handedly created new taste sensations which give diners a unique experience every time they visit Bo Innovation.