Life Inspired embarks on its second original production, a no-holds-barred molecular gastronomy adventure across Asia, called The Maverick Chef.

This culinary adventure features self-taught Michelin-Starred chef Alvin Leung, who's become known for his "X-treme Chinese" cuisine in Hong Kong. Fondly known as "The Demon Chef", Alvin specializes in the art of food deconstruction and reinvention.

Each episode flies Alvin to a different and exciting Asian city – Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Bangkok and Taipei – where he will sample and learn more about the country's top signature dishes handpicked by a female celebrity foodie friend.

Each friend will introduce her country and the history of its food to Alvin. They research and seek out the most popular yet interesting dishes – focusing on tastes – for Alvin to experience. The dishes featured will be those considered most iconic in the country, as food is intricately connected to the people, history and traditions.

With his new pal and tour guide, Alvin will then be tasked with deconstructing these dishes, breaking them down to each one's bare building blocks.

With his bold and bewildering creativity, he will invent his own versions of each country's national cuisine.

At the end of the 30-minute episode, it will be Alvin's turn to enter the kitchen to create a three-course meal and get his celebrity foodie friend, plus the original creators of the dishes he's deconstructing to enjoy his concoction and obtain their feedback.

The Maverick Chef presents an opportunity to delve deeper into a country's colourful culture through its cuisine, dissecting the ingredients that tastefully make the country what it is today. Perceptions will be broken, stereotypes defied and boundaries stretched.

The Maverick Chef will not only completely shock viewers but will also push the limits of their affixed dietary customs, twisting their senses and surprising their taste-buds.

The Maverick Chef is a co-production between Life Inspired and Ochre Pictures, with the support of the Media Development Authority of Singapore.