The time is right for Titan’s first malaysian ambassador

01 March 2017

Titan X Neelofa (Titan Raga - Occasion Wear)

At 28 years old and with 3 successful business ventures to her name, Malaysian actress, TV presenter and businesswoman; Neelofa is not stopping in her tracks anytime soon. Owing her success to virtuous time management, this Malaysian darling has recently added another task into her busy schedule as the first Malaysian brand ambassador for Titan, the world’s fifth largest watchmaker. With a bold and passionate personality that mirrors the brand’s mastery, accompanied with a following of 4.3 million on Instagram alone, it’s no wonder why Neelofa was chosen.

We managed to catch up with Neelofa for a quick chat in Kuala Lumpur recently at her official appointment as brand ambassador for Titan.

What are the key features that you look for in a watch?

First is of course the design. I love round and square face watches, and then of course I look at the mechanism of the timepiece. I’m a girly girl, so I look for something that is fashionable and stylish, so cantik (looking good) is always important. The best thing about Titan watches is that it looks like you’re wearing a bracelet and watch at the same time.

You chose the intricate Raga and ultra-slim Edge as your top picks. Why is that so?

I think Raga suits my personality that loves anything that oozes elegance, plus it’s a timeless piece. I also love the Swarovski crystal that frames the watch and the mulberry leaves design. I was also captivated by Edge for its ultra-slim design, elegant styling and state-of-art technology. It’s the slimmest watch in the world at the moment!


Titan X Neelofa (Titan Edge - Contemporary Look)

How many watches do you think a person should own?

Unlimited number of watches! It’s good to have watches to suit any occasion. Like my father, I love watches too much and I don’t think we should set a number of watches to own.

Do you pick the outfit to match the watch or watch to match the outfit?

Definitely outfit first. Watch is usually the last item that I put on before leaving the house; and besides, most of the watches I own are wearable with any outfit.

Have you had a time where you’ve forgotten to wear a watch?

Yes! And I feel so incomplete!

Titan X Neelofa (Titan Neo - Work Look)

We heard that Titan is looking to co-design a range of watches with you. Are you looking forward to the collaboration?

Of course! They’ve shown me the proposal and I’m really excited because it’s also a way to expand my customer base and I get to experience every stage in crafting a watch.

Any hints to what we can expect from the range?

[Laughs] No, not yet. You’ll just have to wait and see.

So, there are no hints yet as to what we can expect from the collaboration, but if you know Neelofa well enough, you’ll know that you can always expect a sense of class, elegance and nothing less than absolute precision.

Written by Lily Shah

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