Top things to do at French Festival, Voilah! 2017

13 April 2017

Every year in Singapore, a French Festival is held to celebrate the diplomatic relations between France and Singapore. With this year’s theme of “France imagines, France innovates”, this signature French festival known as Voilah! will present the best of French creativity and innovation in culture, science, education and gastronomy. Held from 8 April to 21 May, this year’s festival will have over 40 events and programmes all across the island which include scrumptious French cuisine, captivating art performances and thought provoking exhibition and film screenings that will give festival goers an unforgettable experience.

Here are our top picks of things to do during Voilah! 2017.

Visit the Once Upon a Time Tomorrow exhibition by Chris Morin-Eitner

8 April – 21 May
@The Colonnade, Supertree Grove, Gardens by the Bay

Paris Jungle Tour Eiffel. Photo credit - Chris Morin-Eitner

This exhibition feature 90 of renowned French photographer Chris Morin-Eitnerr’s photo paintings, including 5 new photographs of iconic places in Singapore and are presented as a world premiere. Inspired by Angkor Wat, which is a symbol of how long a long lost human civilisation has been overtaken by the forces of nature, Morin-Eitner photographs contemporary iconic buildings and digitally rework the photos with colours, shadows ad textures inspired by his previous travels.

Feast your eyes on a Street Art Performance titled Red Hearts

8 April, 7pm & 8pm,
@Gardens by the Bay

Red Hearts (1). Photo credit - Mademoiselle Pailette

During opening night, among the Supertree Grove’s magnificent setting, be immersed in a spectacular performance by French street dance and acrobatic troupe, Mademoiselle Paillette titled Red Hearts. Expect an exhilarating performance where enchanting characters enthral audiences with aerial stunts and colourful, over-the-top costumes and props.

Fill your tummy at the Voilah! Gourmet Picnic

9 April, 6pm
@Singapore Botanic Gardens, Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage

Voilah Gourmet Picnic. Photo credit - Singapore Botanic Gardens

One of the top must-be-there event during the French Festival is the Voilah! Gourmet Picnic. A one-time event that provides visitors with the best of French culture by gathering gastronomy and performing arts for an enjoyable evening. Here you can enjoy your own customised picnic basket of French delicacies while enjoying performances at the Botanic Garden.

Understand The Art Behind the Game- The Ubisoft experience

18 April – 25 May
@National Design Centre

The Art Behind the Game (1). Photo credit - Ubisoft

This exhibition celebrates the 10th anniversary of the world-renowned video game franchise, Assassin’s Creed. Visitors will get the opportunity to learn more about the game creation process and research, as well as the design of characters, sound and music while also learn about the history of the French gaming company.

Explore Pictures of Imagination- A Journey in Jules Verne’s World

11 April – 24 June
@The Fullerton Hotel Singapore East Garden Foyer & Alliance Francais La Galerie

Pictures of Imagination - A Journey in Jules Verne's World. Photo credit - Annie Goetzinger

Learn about the imaginative mind of Jules Verne, author of international bestsellers such as Around the World in Eighty Days and Journey to the Centre of the Earth, and how he inspires scientific innovations from paper to reality. The exhibition will also take a glimpse into Jules Verne’s works through graphic novels by artists from the Angouleme International Comics Festival.

Watch cartoons at the 6th French Film Animation Festival

19-21 May
@Alliance Francaise Theater

French Animation Film Festival - My Life as a Zucchini. Photo credit - All rights reserved

Suitable for adults and children alike, 6 movies will be featured at this year’s French Animation Film Festival, including the shortlist for Best Foreign Language Film at the 89th Academy Awards Ma Vie de Courgette (My Life As A Zucchini) by Claude Barras, musical adventure comedy Ballerina (Leap!) by Eric Summer and Eric Warin, Michel Ocelot’s new film Ivan Tsarevitch et la Princesse Changeante (Ivan Tsarevich and the Changing Princess), and science fiction adventure Avril et le monde truqué (April and the Extraordinary World) by Christian Desmares and Franck Ekinci.

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