What’s got Ankie Beilke and Jessica Wong smiling?

17 August 2016

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In a strictly ladies-only retreat, German-born Hong Kong actress Ankie Beilke together with Hong Kong actress Jessica Wong go on a quest to capture the various aspects of Thai culture and lifestyle.

Discovering all things adventure, wellness, beauty and style across Thailand, Ankie and Jessica show us how it’s done in a five-part series spanning across four locations in Thailand.

With a degree in fine arts and a diverse range of accolades and roles including member of the jury for Miss Asia Hong Kong and Mr Hong Kong Competitions; yoga instructor certification; acting roles in German, Mandarin and Cantonese film and television shows, Ankie represents the epitome of working hard and playing hard.

Meanwhile, martial arts junkie and actress, Jessica shows off her creative side at the Yarnnakarn Arts and Craft Studio while getting her outdoor fix at Nangyuan Island in Beautiful Smiles.

One thing’s for sure, these two ladies are giving us serious travel envy.

beautiful smile_thailand_tea_life inspired

Get your dose of inspiration, live vicariously through their adventures across Thailand before you start planning that getaway with your bestie, or the ultimate birthday celebration trip.

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Whether it’s getting a tan on a yacht, Thai kickboxing on the rooftop, sunset drinks by the beach, meditating in a cave, afternoon tea by the paddy fields, shopping local designer creations, or indulging in a spa session — we could go on for days — the stylish duo shows us  how it’s done right in Thailand — with a Beautiful Smile.

We’ll leave you to take a peek at their escapade for yourself:

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